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Rainbow Dollies....

...It's time for a rainbow revolution!

Rainbow Dollies
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All Members , Moderated

(Mod = msmelodyglitter contact me for any questions/problems :))

You can look at the world, complaining about how everything is gray & boring...
Or you can put on your rainbow glasses and make it a fun place ♥
You can make a change

If you believe in daydreams
If you believe everything is made out of rainbows
If you believe in the power of glitter & color
If you love flowers & butterflies
If you are a rainbow dollie

This community is for all things rainbowish & lovely & colorful & magical & happy & dreamy & glittery & pink & girlish & lovely & dollish etc♥

eyecandy & words
you can post anything; pictures, poems, stories, lyrics etc as long as it fits the theme of this community

& promotion is always good:

<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/~rainbowdollies"><*img src="http://img73.echo.cx/img73/3245/rainbowdollies7ab.jpg"><*/a>

without the *'s