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peau d'ane

my new dolls!


crappy box pics:




crappy picture that i should edit. why am i so lazy?

anyway, ceri is very very pretty! as is her stylish watermelon dress by ardentcurse. strawberries by crochetsncream.

the most chilling thing about this picture is that THERE ARE MORE WHO AREN'T EVEN INCLUDED.

i sold my only mini pullip because i just never played with her and i don't like to keep neglected dolls. she really was cute, though.

mini blythe needed her own photoshoot too!

bursting out of a cake!

i decided to take a pic of the two alices together, before i redressed fantastic alice (who is now harriet). aren't they cute?

fanatica redressed!

i'm not sure whether i should take her hair down. keeping it up certainly keeps it out of the way and perhaps keeps it from getting even wilder.

quick pic of clock bunny w/o bunny hat.

a while ago i decided that i wanted to dress every single doll in lolita outfits. because i could. and because i am insane.

mona first! i have a better blouse than that now, but at the time, it was all i could do.

mia gets a bit punk! should i just give in and take her hair down? or rewig her?

i love the choker.


ivy, in a FABULOUS dress. i wish i owned this for real.

someday you will get a rachel, ivy! do not despair!

the ginormous bow on the back.

ceri. i don't like this outfit on her, but i had to work with what i had.

she really is one of my favorites.

fourrure (still unnamed) being glamorous!

i hadn't managed to glue her face jewel back on.

her shoes are scary and she can't stand up in them.

winter and heidi (yeah, weetz was too silly).

more people should have zuora! she is so photogenic.

heidi too, but she's already popular . . .

calliope is asking me why the hell i made her wear a giant bonnet. sorry, kid.

it's really too big for her.

zelda. i am thinking of selling her, but am not sure. let me know if you would be interested.

she is a very pretty girl . . .

cornice, all polka dotted.

she looks good in hats.

the cosmic twins! mercu looks a bit like she might throw up, whoops.

alice and fana (new names: harriet and bonnie).

this is mona - she's really pretty, but i might take her off her obitsu body. it falls apart constantly and the skin tone doesn't match her head (though that part really doesn't bother me that much).

also her feet don't actually fit her shoes, which are clearly the best part of her outfit. sigh. obitsu feet are very weird.

i love her new wig, but i think i need to tame it a bit. there's a big cowlick on the back that always sticks up.

this is what her body does - it just constantly comes apart. nothing is snapped or anything, the peg just slips out. i don't really know how to fix that . . . maybe some double sided tape would help.

obitsu feet=weird.

here are some pictures of the 30 days of fashion re-ment set, so you can see how that fits on pullips with type 2 and 3 bodies.

all of these girls are wearing outfits from that set. i don't love all the pieces, but a lot of them are good for mixing with other things.

mona's (afternoon) outfit is one of my favorites, i like the shirt and shorts a lot. i'm also fond of mercu's outfit, the short pants and the ruffly yellow polka dot shirt.

the outfits all vary a lot in size - generally they fit type 3 better than type 2, though. mercu's pants are VERY tight on her.

i wasn't sure what i was going to do with fourrure, as i just don't have that many glam doll clothes, but i realized she looks totally different in glasses so i played around with that. polka dot girls! hey, cornice's arm broke . . . i think it's fixable but how annoying. nothing snapped, it just came apart at the joint and won't hold together now. should i use elmer's glue to fix it? or something stronger? argh.

and here's one of my most photogenic girl in her new licca outfit.

with cutesweater's plush creation!

hope you enjoyed!
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