peau d'ane (hooveraardvark) wrote in rainbowdollies,
peau d'ane

i collect dolls

hi, i thought i should finally introduce my self here! i have a lot of pullips and have recently gotten some new ones (including ceri below). just thought you might like to see them, if this is not allowed i will delete this post.

luckily i had some clothes laying around that suited her perfectly!

winter, being all sex-ay.

i really like zuora, i think she's quite underrated.

she's one of my only dolls with a name. i need to get better at that.

ivy - sorry for the picture quality, but i kind of like the shadows. also, she is supposed to be a vampire don't ask from the rachel morgan books by kim harrison. yes, i am a dork.

still nameless! possibly to be named weetzie.

in a joking moment, i called her lulu mae, and now it might be stuck.

penny! my boyfriend named her. then he said i should name my other dolls truck.

cornice, i don't know what to name her either!

my version of alice in wonderland.

i was really excited when i got mercu and jupi!

jupi's hair was awesome when she first arrived!

but now, it's not so awesome. i washed and conditioned it and cut out the worst tangles, but it's still rattier than i would like. suggestions?

here's her hair, it's a bit frizzier than shows in the picture.

i can't forget my pretty 60s girl!

oh, and these are my new hestias, priscilla and ursula:

and my old ones:

and the one i am trying to sell . . . bah.

zelda (originally chicca) is new as well!

the seller kindly included this new outfit.

"is this for me??"

she is weetzie's sister.

the other girls got curious about the newcomer.

these girls were a little more standoffish.

ceri and audrey are getting along well!

i was wondering if any of you read doll magazines (actual magazines, not online ones) and what are your favorites? oh, and if you know of cool doll websites, either places to buy things or forums or whatever, that would also be appreciated!

are there good english language books about japanese dolls? or am i hoping for too much?

if you have seen these pictures before, just ignore this post.
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